Terms and Conditions Wild Harvest Seafood Festival Market  2021

Wild Harvest Seafood Festival and Mallacoota Events Inc. must ensure that the safety of the community, organizers, staff, and public are covered throughout the event. By answering 'Yes' in the Terms and Conditions box of the application form you are stating that you have read and understand the Terms and Conditions and agree to the following.

Food vendors must maintain a current and sufficient level of public liability insurance throughout the duration of the Wild Harvest Seafood Festival and provide organizers with a current policy number.

Refunds on cancellations, less administration fees, will only be paid if the cancellations is made more than 28 days prior to the event. A site will not be considered 'booked' until site fees are paid. The following administration fees apply:

10% if cancellations occurs more than 28 days before the first trading date.

25% if the cancellation occurs less than 28 days prior but more than 7 days to the first trading date.

No refund will be given if cancellation occurs less than 7 days prior to the first trading date. 

Each vendor will be allocated a site and paid for accordingly. This site cannot be exchanged. The size of the site allocated will be as per the site frontage and site depth applied for on this form. If the vendor requires an assistance vehicle, it can be parked behind the frontage of the site. This vehicle may not be allowed to leave the premises until the full market event has finished. Wild Harvest Seafood Festival reserves the right to move or remove a vendor should the need arise. 

Details will be sent regarding times for setting up, tearing down, and leaving the premises.

All vendors must supply their own shelter, tables, chairs etc. to set up and maintain their site. This includes tie downs, weights, or appropriate equipment in the event of strong winds. 

All sites must be kept clean and completely free of rubbish during trading and when the trade site is vacated after the event. 

Food vendors are not permitted to use single use plastic items for service. Please bring eco-friendly, biodegradable alternatives. 

The vendor must comply with all statutory obligations under the Workplace Health and Safety Act and any regulations made under it, The Victorian Food Act 1984 and any regulations made under it, The Electrical Safety Act 2002 and any regulations made under it, the Dangerous Goods Safety Management Act of 2001 and any regulations made under it and any applicable Advisory Standards. Industry Codes of Practice, or Australian Standards that apply within Victoria.

All food vendors must have all appropriate permits and registrations available upon request. 

Only goods of the nature stated on the application form are to be displayed and/or sold. The Staff of Wild Harvest Seafood Festival shall retain the power to enter upon the vendor's site and remove any article, sign, picture or printed matter which may be deemed as obscene or likely to cause offense to the general public, sponsors, and/or officials at the Wild Harvest Seafood Festival. 

The Trade Space Vendor indemnifies the Wild Harvest Seafood Festival and Mallacoota Events Inc. and its personnel against all expenses, losses, damages and costs that they may incur as a result of any claims made by any person at against the Trade Space Vendor before, during and after the 2022 Wild Harvest Seafood Festival. 

All Trade Vendors, personnel, or visitors to the Wild Harvest Seafood Festival site will use the area at their own risk. Vendors must survey the safety of the site and are required to bring any concerns or unsafe situations to the officials at the Wild Harvest Seafood Festival. A Vendors' use of the site will act as agreement and acceptance to the safety level of the environment and risks thereof. 

Generators are allowed on site, however, they must be what is considered a 'silent generator.' Power points will not be supplied.

Each vendor must supply all their own electrical equipment, power packs, electrical leads, that have been tested and tagged by licensed Electrical Contractors with approved and current up to date test tags. They must also have available their audited list of their electrical equipment available upon request. 

Waste water and liquids are not allowed to be run onto the grounds or into drains in the area and must be disposed of appropriately. 

Any Vendor that does not adhere to these rules may be removed from the grounds. 

Pets are not permitted within the site or market area (on or off a lead). 

No BYO alcohol is permitted and the sale of alcohol must be agreed to by the Wild Harvest Seafood Staff prior to the day, in addition to any relevant permitting necessary to do so.