About Wild Harvest Seafood Festival


     The Wild Harvest Seafood Festival was created to highlight the unique abundance and variety of seafood in East Gippsland and surrounding regions. It is a celebration of the natural fruits of the land and sea, and the indigenous custodians that have been connected with this land for thousands of years.

     Nestled on the rocky shores of the Wilderness Coast, Mallacoota, Victoria lay untouched and relatively unknown - surrounded by the Croajingolong National Park to one side and the pristine waters of the Mallacoota Inlet and roaring waves of the ocean to the other - until it was thrust into the global spotlight during devastating bushfires on New Years Eve 2019.

     While we begin to watch the first shoots of re-growth emerge from the charred forest around us, we turn our attention to the emotional and economic well being of our township.

     The Wild Harvest Seafood Festival is the perfect opportunity to show your support. Show the people Mallacoota that they are not forgotten by coming to visit our corner of the world that is still so hauntingly beautiful. And when you come, don't forget to bring that empty esky - ready to fill with local products, artworks, gifts, and of course, the best seafood the region has to offer!

Accommodation Options coming soon.