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About Wild Harvest Seafood Festival


  The Wild Harvest Seafood Festival celebrates the fruits of the land and sea, and the
Indigenous custodians that have been connected with this land for thousands of years.

Mallacoota is firmly rooted (or should we say, seaweeded) in seafood, and the festival
shines a light on the unique abundance and variety found in this corner of the world.

  There are succulent seafood feasts, oyster and champagne cruises, a lively seafood market,
bush food walks, fishing workshops and kids’ entertainment. This reel of nautically-themed
events culminate in a celebration of the usual suspects (think prawns, abalone and oysters) as
well as lesser-known delicacies like whelks, periwinkles, sea urchins and samphire.


  Nestled on rocky shores and surrounded by pristine coastline, glistening lakes and the world-
class Croajingolong National Park, a visit to Mallacoota will be sure to swell your heart a size.
Mallacoota was thrown into the global spotlight following the devastating 2019/20 bushfires.
Meet the proud and down to earth people who are regenerating their town with endless
dedication and community spirit. Show your support by staying for a few nights and be sure to

bring your empty esky and fill it with seafood plucked from the nearby shores, or produce grown
and raised on this fertile land.

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