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Khanh Ong’s Wild Food on location in Mallacoota

This man knows how to cook! Better still he knows all about the Wild Harvests of Mallacoota. 

Check out episode 7 of Khanh Ong’s Wild Food on SBS where Khanh visits Mallacoota to spend some time with local abalone divers and one of our very own festival organisers.

He visited Gabo Island just off the coast of Mallacoota to dive for Black Lip Abalone, Whelks, Periwinkles and Sea Urchins with local divers Grant and Dale and after overcoming a few nerves he returned with the goods. With the stunning backdrop of the Mallacoota Lake they cooked up Sweet and Sour Abalone and Asparagus and Abalone skewers with anchovy crumb and honey. 

A visit to Mallacoota wouldn’t be complete without a session flicking lures around the lake hunting flattys. So that they did, and much to Khanh’s excitement, discovered Mallacoota is the gift that just keeps on giving, when he noticed Blood Cockles lining the shores.

But there is more to Mallacoota’s harvesting opportunities than just seafood... a visit to  Black Duck Foods on the Wallagraugh River shone a light on bush tucker and traditional farming practices before learning to harvest lily tubers and lemon tea tree. Then just to add icing to the cake, or should we say grain to the bread, there came a loaf of warm bread made from native grains harvested right there on the banks of the river. In Khanh’s words - wild bread, amazing, AMAZING!!!

Then it was time for the mother of all cook-ups and what better backdrop than Karbeethong Lodge. Whelks infused with lemongrass, ginger and the lemon tea tree, stuffed Banded Morwong cooked on the coals to let the natural flavours of the fish shine and cockles with charred peanuts and spring onion oil. In case you are wondering, yes it was as good as it looked!

And of course what seafood feast would be worth enjoying without a glass of local wine. Cheers

Be like Khanh and come along and enjoy the harvests of Mallacoota.

Join us at the Wild Harvest Seafood Festival from the 26th - 28th April 2024. 

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See you there!


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